Excerpts from the Church Diary

Our History

19th March 1925

Matcham’s Church of England committee called a public meeting on the third instant to consider the acceptance of a site, offered by Mr Heyne, on which to build the much needed Church.

At present all services are being held in Matcham Hall. The meeting, which was presided over by the Rev D R May, was well attended, and was a great success. A Building Committee was formed and a Building Fund started. The site was chosen on the following Saturday by a sub-committee of five.  Another meeting will be held on 31st instant; when it is hoped to form working-bees to start with the clearing and fencing of the site. A desirable half-acre of land very central to all residents of Matcham, and at the junction of Oak, Matcham and Coachwood Roads, was chosen by the sub-committee. The Matcham Women’s Guild is making a special effort to raise funds towards the building of the new Church. A special sale of work, with a social evening and dance to follow, are to be held in the near future. Watch for the advertisement.

2nd April 1925

Mr and Mrs Heyne and their two young daughters, of Forest Home, have gone to Bilbul, via Beelbungera, for the winter months. We hope they will return much benefited in health.  Matcham has been very busy with picnics this month. The Matcham Hall Sunday Schoolites journeyed to Chinaman’s Bay in lorries on the 7th, where all had a good time. On the 11th, the shed picnic was held at Killcare, when a good sprinkling of Matcham folk enjoyed themselves, and carried off a large number of prizes. On the 28th, the Agricultural Bureau members and friends journeyed to Terrigal for their annual picnic.
On Friday night, March 13th, the Rev D R May held a Lantern Service at the Hall, which was fairly well attended, the offertory of which will go to Missions. The Church of England Women’s Guild held their annual meeting on 27th at the residence of Mrs Mills. Rev D R May acted as Chairman, Mrs Levington was reelected President, Mrs Waterman Treasurer and Mrs Mills Secretary. Work for the coming effort towards Church Building Fund was gone into, and stallholders appointed; it was decided to hold all future meetings at Matcham Hall. The meeting held by the Building Committee on 31st was very successful. A sub-committee of three was appointed to go into all details and to report at the general meeting. Working-bees have started with clearing the site, to be surveyed by Mr Bannister, and the transfer by Mr Adrian.  The collectors’ reports are good, so we are in a fair way of realising our hopes of having a Church very soon opened (we hope) free of debt.

(to be continued)
Kindly contributed by Kerrie Van Doorn
September 2003