Welcome to the Matcham Hall
The historic Matcham Hall is located at 60 Coachwood Road in the beautiful Matcham-Holgate Valleys of the New South Wales Central Coast. The Hall building was completed on the 4th June 1915 on land donated to the local community. Construction was undertaken by the Matcham Progress Association. It was constructed by local residents from hardwood timber felled and milled on the adjacent land. Over the years the Hall has grown in size and facilities. Ninety years later the Hall continues to serve that community; as a focus for social, educational and community groups and attracting visitors of all ages. In the 1920s the valley in which Wattle Tree Rd resides was given the separate name of Holgate and that name was given to the Public School built there in 1928.
The hall is currently available for both permanent and casual hire on weekdays and evenings. Great location for Dance and social groups. Please contact bookings@matchamhall.org to find out about our great rates and facilities!!!! 

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