Matcham Hall Hire Agreement
Matcham Public Hall Inc.
Conditions of Hire
I have received and understand the conditions of hiring the Matcham Public Hall
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Date of Hire: Hours of Hire:
Hirers Drivers License #________________________________________________
  • Hall must be cleaned after hire as per check list.

  • Any damage caused by the hirer or any persons attending the hall during the time of hire will be paid for by the hirer.

  • The hall can be hired between 9am-5pm for childrens' functions (less than 12 years of age) and from 6pm to midnight for functions over 21 years of age. Matcham Public Hall Inc Association is not liable for any accidents arising from hirers use of the hall.


    On the wall as you enter the hall a defibrillator device is housed inside an enclosed, but not locked cabinet, THIS CABINET IS ONLY TO BE OPENED IN THE CASE OF RELEVANT MEDICAL EMERGENCIES.  The door to the cabinet is not locked for quick access to the device in an emergency, however when opened the warning light above will flash and a siren will sound. In an emergency you can take the devise out of the enclosed cabinet and follow the instructions as prompted by the machine. Once opened and the ON button is pressed, the instructions on using the device will be broadcast by the machine to you in a very clear and precise manner. Please note there is also an instruction card and pictograms located on and with the device.

    It is important for you to note, whether the case is opened for an emergency or by accident, a Matcham Hall Committee Member must be called to switch off the siren and flashing light and the machine must be recalibrated at a cost of $150.00. This cost will be charged back to the hirer.

     We hope that none of our patrons ever need to use the device but is nice to know it is there in case of an emergency.

     Public Liability

All hirers are required to ensure they have secured public liability insurance for their event or function. A certificate of
insurance may be requested by the Matcham Public Hall prior to the function taking place. Failing to do so may result in a
refusal of request for hire of the hall.

    2. For private functions such as weddings or parties, hirers may be covered under their home contents insurance policy.
The onus is on the hirer to ascertain this.

Incorporated groups who use the hall are also required to check their organisation's insurance policy to ensure they are covered
while hiring the hall.

Hirers who are not covered by either their home contents insurance policy or their organisation's public liability policy are required
to secure public liability insurance for their event.

For more information on public liability insurance for functions, hirers can contact